Month: May 2016

Digitalization: the greatest challenge for banks today

Digitalization is one of the greatest challenges for the banks at the moment. The modern banks need:

  • The ability to adapt to digital technologies and offer more comprehensive services to customers.
  • Have the information for the corporate clients and their various stakeholders well structured, in order to seek for new business opportunities.

“New digital banking technologies and business models continue to emerge, but most banks have yet to realize their promise”

Gartner Report: Predicts 2016 – Digital Banking initiatives will fail without strategic investments in emerging technologies

In this scenario, Private Investments Network provides an optimization solution that enables:

  • A simple and complete platform that automates the processes performed in banks related to companies and investors management, in an agile way and saving time and money.
  • Delivers organized and centralized company information, allowing a comprehensive view of all that is relevant to find opportunities.

Find out more in this video:

Other advantages for banks:

  • Positioning the bank as a true partner of financial companies to provide innovative tools that allow for easy management of their funding sources.
  • Possible positioning for the bank as a value-added partner in the risk analysis for operators of crowdequity and crowdlending. (business opportunity with the Basel III)

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You have found funding, and now what?

For many entrepreneurs, the process for obtaining financing can be expensive, lengthy and require a lot of dedication.

Normally, after obtaining funding, the entrepreneurial team is engaged daily in growing the business (which is normal) and this can cause for the investor to be “left out” and fail to keep him/her fully informed about the developments in the company.

You can see on our channel a video that speaks a little of that context:

The current situation of many startups that pass through the funding processes is:

Platforms for funding put their efforts in connecting projects with investors. However, once the relationship between them is created, they do not offer tracking solutions at the height of the responsibilities that are generated.

So, how is the post-investment communication managed?


  • Through press releases, offering partial and incomplete information
  • By direct contact with each investor, in some cases, which often proves to be time-consuming

Good communication is important in order to:

  • Improve investor relations
  • Take advantage of the knowledge of investors (Smart Capital)
  • Facilitate reinvestment
  • Save time in the process of due diligence, reporting, audit, etc.

With a good communication, all stakeholders in the ecosystem win. Success in this field makes investors invest more.

If the investor is satisfied and feels cared about, he/she will return to invest in new rounds of the company or in other rounds of other companies that stand out for good company – investor communication. Betting on good communication with the investor is a very good cover letter for the investor, makes you differentiate your project from others that may be, a priori, more interesting but, at the same time, more opaque.

Current process of communication between companies and investors:

Standardized communication process by Private Investments Network:

As a startup, you can register on the platform for free, in order to use it as a repository of information organized and ready to be audited and to communicate with your shareholders or potential investors. In addition, you can have a section with private access for your stakeholders on your website, free of charge during the first year of life of your startup.

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Here you can see a video about some of the things that you can do with the help of our web platform:

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Corporate governance tool

Law Firms are increasingly seeking tools to manage corporate information on behalf of their clients, as they normally do it in a decentralized/dispersed manner and often manually. When it comes to acting as secretary of the board of directors or managers of corporate governance, there is a lot of manual work to manage corporate information of the customers, few opportunities to innovate in the services offered and difficulties to facilitate the transparency of its customers with stakeholders in a safe and controlled manner.

In this scenario, we present the solution of Private Investments Network:

The platform of Private Investments Network facilitates the use of a tool for managing the corporate governance of law firms´ clients, by allowing:

  • Saving time and costs when they act as secretary of boards of directors, or when they manage information from different customers, such as startups, private equity and family businesses
  • Creating a new lasting bond with their corporate customers given that, through the platform, they gain control of a position in the middle of the relationship between the company and its shareholders and investors
  • Being seen as innovative by offering current and prospective customers a digital solution managing the relationship with their shareholders and investors that complements the traditional legal services
  • Provide a better service than the competition at all levels through a low-cost tool that can significantly increase revenues

In addition, good corporate governance allows offering advantages to different customer profiles:


  • Have a list of shareholders updated with all the information necessary for the company and all organized and accessible internal documents quickly and easily
  • Initiate relationships with investors from the incipient point of the creation of the company and facilitate management of their corporate operations

Mergers, acquisitions and private equity

  • A permanent data room which can be easily adapted to make a due diligence at a very affordable cost
  • Capital increases management in a private environment, with controlled access to information and a communication channel between the company, shareholders and potential investors

Family business

  • Permanent availability of specific information as, for example, family pact, family values, history and family structure, meetings, task management, voting, etc.
  • Facility in informing shareholders and the possibility of doing it with potential investors. All according to the values of the company, control, transparency, legal compliance and privacy
  • Facilitating the access to liquidity for these companies (capital increase management), for family shareholders and for potential investors (Matching tool)

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You can see a video of some of the things you can do with the help of our web platform:

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