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Digitalization: the greatest challenge for banks today

Digitalization is one of the greatest challenges for the banks at the moment. The modern banks need:

  • The ability to adapt to digital technologies and offer more comprehensive services to customers.
  • Have the information for the corporate clients and their various stakeholders well structured, in order to seek for new business opportunities.

“New digital banking technologies and business models continue to emerge, but most banks have yet to realize their promise”

Gartner Report: Predicts 2016 – Digital Banking initiatives will fail without strategic investments in emerging technologies

In this scenario, Private Investments Network provides an optimization solution that enables:

  • A simple and complete platform that automates the processes performed in banks related to companies and investors management, in an agile way and saving time and money.
  • Delivers organized and centralized company information, allowing a comprehensive view of all that is relevant to find opportunities.

Find out more in this video:

Other advantages for banks:

  • Positioning the bank as a true partner of financial companies to provide innovative tools that allow for easy management of their funding sources.
  • Possible positioning for the bank as a value-added partner in the risk analysis for operators of crowdequity and crowdlending. (business opportunity with the Basel III)

If you want to know more, send an us an email to: and you will be advised how to get the most out of this tool to support the challenges of banks.

Welcome to Private Investments Network’s Blog

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“This blog will highlight different aspects (more or less complex) about the investors’ relationship in private companies.”

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